Dr. Odin 3 In 1 Vaporizer and Steamer for Health and Beauty


Dr. Odin OD 03 Vaporizer produces steam vapour within seconds. It’s great for health. It is simple to use, clean and comes with a plastic body that prevents shock.


If you have a cold or a cough, no more blocked nostrils! The all-new Dr.Odin Vaporizer is a handheld steam vaporizer. This is the best option for upper and lower respiratory tract treatments. The Dr. The Odin OD Steam Vaporizer offers quick relief for common colds, coughs, and other irritations. The steam vaporizer also has a mouth attachment and smooth edges for steam inhalation.

Specifications and features of the Dr.Odin Vaporizer

  • Increase blood circulation to the skin and face
  • This may help delay the aging of the facial skin
  • Deeply hydrating and improving blood circulation to the face
  • Warm steam facial sauna – Use to soothe the skin and open pores
  • It removes dirt, bacteria, and makeup residue
  • It can relieve rhinitis and cold symptoms

Safety Information of Dr. Odin 3 In 1 Vaporizer and Steamer

  • Before you use the product, make sure to read the label.
  • Keep the children away
  • Keep it in a dry, cool place

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