Bd Micro Fine Plus 32G X 4Mm Pen Needles 100 Count


BD Ultra-Fine 4mm Pen Needle EasyFlow(TM), BD’s patented 5-bevel needle tips and Technology combine to improve the experience of people with diabetes.


People with arthritis or weak hands will find it easier to use the BD Ultra-Fine, 4mm pen needle with EasyFlow. Technology. The BD Ultra-Fine 4mm Pen Needle has EasyFlow. Technology which allows for faster injections.

Product Features of Bd Micro Fine Plus 32G X 4Mm Pen Needles 100 Count

  • For a faster, more comfortable injection, the device is equipped with EasyFlow, Pentapoint, and Pentapoint.
  • EasyFlow, a technology that improves insulin flow through a needle, makes it easier to use even for people with hand-strength limitations. This allows users to get their full dose.
  • PentaPoint, Comfort five-bevel needle tip offers a more pleasant and less painful injection experience than a longer/three-bevel needle.
  • Compatible with top-of-the-line diabetes medication pens
  • As per the latest recommendations for insulin injection, a pen needle should be 4mm in length
  • This ensures that medication is injected to the correct depth at all injection sites 99.5% of the time

Safety Information

  • Only sterilized needles are allowed to be distributed
  • Protective polypropylene caps are used to protect the needle and hub. These caps can be removed by heat sealing.
  • Only one time should you use pen needles. After use, they are no longer sterile.

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