Beurer BM 27 upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor with With German Technology


Blood pressure checking  is  more simple with the Beurer BP Monitor BM 27. It has easy to big display, risk indicator. Beurer BP Monitor gives warning in case of possible heart problem.


The beurer bp monitor bm 27 makes it much easier to check high blood pressure and pulse rate at home. This blood pressure display enables you to determine and also monitor arterial blood stress in adults without the need for intrusive treatments.

Information and Facts of Beurer BP Monitor BM 27 

  • Yes, automatic switch-off
  • There are 4 memory spaces.
  • Alarm for feasible heart rhythm disruptions: Arrhythmia detection
  • Reduced battery indicator
  • Day and also Time Present: Yes
  • Yes, huge and easy-to-read screen
  • Cuff dimension: 22 – 44 centimeters
  • Cuff placement control: Yes
  • Calculation of the typical worth: Yes
  • Usage wrong message:
  • Risk sign: Category with coloured scales
  • Placement indication: Yes for the proper setting of the high blood pressure display at heart degree

Storage Space and Cleansing Directions of Beurer BM 27 upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Use a damp cloth to cleanse the gadget and cuff.
  • Do not position the tool or cuff in water. This can create liquid to enter into the tool and cause damage.
  • You need to not save heavy items in the device or cuff.
  • Take out the batteries.


  • Fully automated gadget
  • Shows easily-to-read info
  • Alarm system function to inform you to possible heart rhythm disturbances
  • This item is created to enhance arm circumference from 22 to 42 cm
  • Features an automated shut off function
  • Determine the standard of all measurements
  • In the event of an application mistake, signals you
  • Includes a storage bag

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