AccuSure TD Blood Pressure Monitor


The all-new AccuSure TD Blood Pressure Monitor is here. Now measure your BP levels with ease and convenience with this handy machine.


An irregular heartbeat can be detected when the device measures systolic and diastolic blood pressures. The blood pressure monitor will record all pulse intervals during each measurement and calculate their average value. If there are more than two pulse intervals and the difference between them is greater than +-25% or four intervals or more, the monitor will display the measurement result with an irregular heartbeat symbol.

About  of AccuSure TD Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Its unique design makes it stand out from other BP monitors.
  • The standard-size upper arm cuff fits easily and is skin-safe.
  • It can store records for 2 users, 60 memories, and a date/time settings.
  • This BP monitor also comes with an adapter and batteries. You can power it with an adapter or batteries.
  • Large LCD displays show the blood pressure levels with clinical accuracy. They also display the date and the time so that you can easily register readings.
  • You can also detect irregular heartbeat and pulse rate.
  • Your memory can store 60 readings and display the average of the three most recent readings, making blood pressure management easy than ever!

How to Use of BP Tester 

  • Install batteries into the AccuSure TD Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Place your feet on the ground and sit straight down in a chair.
  • Keep your left hand’s cuff at 2 cm above your elbow.
  • Now, relax and begin testing.

Care Tips:

  • For accurate measurements, it is crucial to place the cuff correctly.
  • Do not attempt to repair or service your product.
  • This monitor is meant to be used only by adults

Tips to measure BP accurately:

  • Do not eat or smoke before measuring.
  • Take off any garment that is too close to your upper arms
  • False measurement results can be caused by loose cuffs and a protruding sideways air pocket
  • Before you start the measurement, remain seated for at least two minutes.

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