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  • Sale! AccuSure TD Blood Pressure Monitor

    AccuSure TD Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Sale! AccuSure TS Blood Pressure Monitor

    AccuSure TS Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Sale! beurer bp monitor bm 27

    Beurer BM 27 upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor with With German Technology

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  • Sale! Beurer BM 28 BP Monitor

    Beurer BM 28 upper arm blood pressure monitor without Adapter

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  • Sale! Dr. Morepen BP monitor BP-09

    Dr Morepen BP 09 BP Monitor

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  • Sale! Dr. Morepen-02 High Blood Pressure Monitor

    Dr Morepen BP-02 Blood Pressure Monitor BP02

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  • Sale! Dr. Odin LCD Mercury-free Sphygmomanometer with Latex Bladder, Bulb and Cotton Cuff

    Dr. Odin LCD Mercury-free Sphygmomanometer with Latex Bladder, Bulb and Cotton Cuff

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  • Sale!

    Microtek KF-65A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with micro – USB Port – BP Monitor with Voice Broadcast

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  • Sale!

    Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121J

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Why should I use a Blood Pressure Checker?

  1. Assists to identify and also check high blood pressure
  2. Can help detect your cardio risk
  3. A more full image of your heart’s wellness

Types of BP Tester

 Mostly we have two types of BP monitors:

  1. Digital BP monitor
  2. Automatic BP monitor

Digital BP Monitor

A digital bp checker gives a digital display report of the blood pressure measurement. There are two different types of digital blood pressure checker– wrist monitors and arm blood pressure monitors.

Automatic BP Monitor

An automatic BP monitor checks the blood pressure level of the patient by using the auscultatory technique. There are 2 kinds of automatic BP Tester cuff-mounted and hand-held.

What is a healthy blood pressure reading?

This depends on who you ask. Usually, the ideal blood pressure is considered to be between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg.  High blood pressure is considered to be 140/90mmHg or higher. For most people, readings of 90/60mmHg or lower may indicate a problem.

Best time to measure BP Level

Your blood pressure level is important to monitor daily. If your BP drops too much this could be a sign of poor health. Although it’s not always possible to know how low or high it will go, generally you should try to monitor it when you’re feeling calm and relaxed or on rest days from exercise. If readings are taken during times of high stress or physical exertion, a rise in blood pressure is pretty common.

What are the risk factors that impact your blood pressure?

Several factors may affect blood pressure readings. Exercise or eating has a big impact on your readings – your blood pressure is normally elevated while you’re eating and for some time after you’ve finished. If you find yourself stressed, it’s best to stay relaxed and rest for a while before measuring your blood pressure. 

Where can I Buy a Blood Pressure Checker?

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