OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer With 10 Strips Free


OneTouch Select Plus Simple with 10 free test strips is a blood glucose tester. It is simple to use, accurate, and almost pain-free. OneTouch is India’s No.1 brand recommended by Indian diabetologists


OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer is a blood sugar tester device that comes with free test strips (10 packs), lancets (10 packs), and Delica Plus Lancing Device. It’s easy to use, precise, and almost painless. OneTouch(r), is the #1 brand recommended by Indian diabetologists (in a survey that was conducted in India in 2020 among 150 diabetologists).

Key Benefits of OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer 

  • OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer allows you to make a simple decision about how to monitor your blood glucose. It’s so easy, it’s even advanced!
  • Simple to use – no set-up, no buttons, no coding.
  • ColourSure technology makes it easy to determine whether you are in range or high. 88% of subjects in a UK clinical study in 2016 agreed. Talk to your healthcare professional to determine the right range limits for you. The OneTouch Select Plus Simple glucometer(r), the meter has pre-set ranges that cannot be altered. Please refer to the owner’s manual for more details.
  • Five years of reliability and conforms to International Standards EN ISO 15197,2015 (in vitro diagnostic system requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems in self-testing for diabetes ).
  • The OneTouch Delica Plus lancing device makes it painless.
  • Only OneTouch Select Plus test strips are required
  • LifeScan is the world’s leader in blood glucose monitoring. More than 20 million people worldwide rely on our OneTouch, brand products to manage their diabetes.
  • OneTouch Select Plus Test Strips can be manufactured in our World-Class Manufacturing Facility in the United Kingdom.

Instructions for Use 

  • For more information, refer to the leaflet enclosed in the box.

Safety Information

  • Before you use it, make sure to read the label.
  • Keep it dry and cool.

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