Contour Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System with 10 Strips


Contour Plus blood glucose monitoring system was specifically designed to monitor your blood glucose levels. It is a great tool for diabetes management. It also has an alarm function that reminds people to take the test.


The contour plus glucometer was specifically designed to monitor blood glucose levels. It is a great tool for diabetes management.

Key Benefits of Contour Plus glucometer System

  • Second-Chance (r) Sampling CONTOUR(r), PLUS meters feature Second Chance(r) sampling. This prompts patients to add more blood to the test strip if the first one is insufficient.
  • No Coding (r) – CONTOUR® PLUS meters come standard with No Coding (r) technology. This eliminates the need to manually code the meters before testing and reduces the possibility of errors caused by user miscoding.
  • Sip-in Sampling (r) – Our strip technology has been refined to make it as easy as possible to obtain a successful glucose reading.
  • CONTOUR(r), PLUS meters only require a tiny drop of blood to register a reading. It takes only 0.6ul. This is one-tenth of a teaspoon!
  • Quick testing time – It takes just 5 seconds to get a CONTOUR(r), PLUS blood glucose meter system result.

Instructions for Use Blood Contour Plus glucometer

  • Place a test strip and apply a small amount of blood. The large display will show your glucose results.

Safety Information of Contour Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring

  • Before you use it, make sure to read the label.
  • Keep it in a dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight.

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