Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer with 20 Free Test Strips


Accu-Check  Guide Glucometer System provides accurate glucose measurements at home with no hassle. The self-testing device is lightweight and easy to use. This personalized diabetes tester device makes it easy to get the results quickly and easily understandable.


Accu-Check  Guide Glucometer can be used for self-testing and includes powerful features such as accurate glucose measurement, pre-and post-meal reminders, and visual double-checks.

Benefits of Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer with 20 Free Test Strips

  • Easy, painless lancing with the arrow points on your device
  • Includes pre-and post-meal marker
  • Multi-featured display screen
  • It’s a button-enabled, handy device that is easy to use
  • Super quick glucose detection test
  • It saves your information and displays up to 500 test results in less than 90 days
  • Conforms to the ISO 15197:2013 requirements for reliability and accuracy
  • The built-in USB port allows you to transfer test results to other devices

Instructions for Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer

  • Place the test strip on the meter correctly
  • When the green light is on, place your finger on the lancet to apply a few drops of blood to the strip.
  • Give it a few seconds, and the result will be displayed on your screen.

Safety Information for Blood Glucose tester

  • Before you use the product, make sure to read the instructions carefully
  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • To avoid any physical damage, store it in a cool and secure place.
  • Before using test strips, make sure they are not expired
  • Before each test, calibrate the meter.
  • Before you take the test, wash your hands.

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