Alere G1 Test Strips, 100 Strips


Alere G1 Test Strips 100 Strips Pack (2X50) deliver accurate accuracy and tested precision due to its exceptional Gold biosensor technology. It is auto-coded for convenience and also has a special strip ejector for your hygiene & infection prevention.


Product Specification and Features: Alere G1 Test Strips, 100 Strips

1. Two-button user-friendly handling: With just two switches to operate, this is an easy-to-handle device
2. The glucometer enables to verify the shown result and suit colour code to guarantee outcomes precision
3. The glucometer has an integrated USB port for transferring saved examination results to a computer system which is geared up as necessary
4. The blood sugar meter is easy as well as convenient to utilize as it doesn’t need any code chip for coding the meter

Directions For Use:

Check out the label very carefully prior to use.

Safety and Security Information:

1. Read the label  before use
2. Store in a cool and dry place


It helps in the monitoring of blood glucose degrees.

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