AccuSure Soul Blood Glucose Test Strips 2×50 Pack (100 Strips)


AccuSure Soul Blood Glucose Test Strips can provide fast and accurate results. The strips automatically draw blood into it for ease of use, helping to simplify the testing process.


AccuSure Soul Glucose Test Strips help you monitor your blood glucose levels within five seconds and provide accurate results. This test is easy and uses only 0.5μL of blood. The AccuSure is ideal for diabetic home testing.

AccuSure Blood Glucose Test Strips Features

Brand Name AccuSure
Model Name AccuSure SOUL (2X50)= 100 Strips
Generic Name Glucometer Strip
Working Humidity 10-90%
Working Temperature 10-40 Deg C
Minimum Blood Sample Needed 0.5 uL
Test Time 5 Seconds
Country of Origin India
Measuring Range 10-600
Manufacturer Microgene Daignostic Systems Pvt Ltd

Benefits of AccuSure Soul Blood Glucose Test Strips 

  • No coding system
  • Accurate Results
  • Automatically draws blood into the test strip
  • 100 Strips available
  • Self-testing
  • Single-use
  • Top Brand

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